Yoga Yurt Hawaii picture

"Ua hana mai ke Akua i na lahuikanaka a pau i ke koko hookahi, e noho like lakou ma ka honua nei me ke kuikahi, a me ka pomaikai."  

(We are all One Blood "Kokokahi" and should dwell on Earth in Unity and Blessedness.)

Aloha, and welcome to Yoga Yurt Hawaii at Fieldhouse Farm in Fern Forest Hawaii. 

The true meaning of yoga is to come into Union with soul, spirit and the Creator.   Yoga Yurt Hawaii is on Kokokahi road which I believe was no coincidence, rather more of a synchronicity. 

The yurt is a round shape which also represents unity, wholeness and infinity.

Krystal Body Yoga is a practice in the Law of One and to assist with ascension by awakening to our Divine Blueprint as sovereign souls of Unity Consciousness.

Yoga Yurt Hawaii offers yoga workshops, massage, reiki, walking meditation and distance healing by appointment only.

Plans for creating a meditation Labyrinth are unfolding.

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