Relax and Recharge at the yoga yurt in the tranquility of the Big Island rainforest.  Enjoy yoga (krystal body yoga, hatha yoga, vinyasa yoga),  massage, reiki, and infrared sauna.

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Yoga is empowering. It improves your mental and physical abilities as well as increases your personal awareness. Yoga Yurt Hawaii, offers traditional hatha and vinyasa yoga, and Krystal Body Yoga developed here in Puna, Hawaii.   Energy practices are also available to provide you with techniques for self healing and calming an overcharged nervous system. When better health, increased energy, a sound mind and feeling peaceful is your goal, Yoga Yurt Hawaii is here to help you meet it.  There is also an opportunity to work more deeply on a soul level with  Krystal  Body yoga for bringing the spirit in control of the nervous system to embody the Law of One.  If what you want to do is simply relax and receive, we offer licensed massage and reiki services as well as a tranquil guest cottage for overnight stay in the rainforest.

Yoga practice in its full meaning is to step into a path of enlightenment to become aware and aligned with your Divine Self. Yoga Yurt Hawaii offers a place to retreat from stress and have the space and time  in nature to connect with your True self in a way that you can bring the peaceful state to bring back into your everyday life..    

May all Beings be blessed, 

Elizabeth Ann


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Volcano, HI 96785 

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